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Cooperation in lifelong learning programs

I am an expert with almost 10 years of experience in the European Lifelong Learning projects: Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus +. I work in both - expert and managerial - positions. I have experience in creating products, promotions, trainings and implementations as well as in project management.

Quick facts

I worked in



That means I worked in many beautiful places in: Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Malta, Greece and Italy.

I contributed to



That means I have these projects in my portfolio: Rapid E-Learning Master, InnoMe, Content Marketing Expert, Imaging, E-Business Mobile Training, New Media Production, Knowledge Management 2.0, Webinar2Learn, Knowledge Pills, Webquests for HRM, Medea2020, How to Webcast.

I co-created



That means I'm co-author of many handbooks, guides, methodologies distributed in sixteen languages in whole Europe. I also developed websites, e-learning platforms, portals. I have conducted many workshops, webinars and trainings.

I got a


% success

That means all of these projects were finished with excelent or very good grade from National Agency. All my task were done on time and on high quality level. Always.

My specializations

  • Virtual Reality

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • EdTech

  • Immersive Learning

  • Webinars

  • Video

  • Webcasting/Podcasting

  • Mobile Learning

  • Innovation

  • UX Design

  • Digital Marketing

  • Website Building

  • Knowledge Management

  • VET

  • Rapid Learning

As you can see, my range of specialization is very wide and proven in practice. That's why I guarantee covering many project's tasks and outputs.

I'm a professional project manager in the field of new media in business, education and entertainment. I am interested in this topic in the professional and private background. Therefore, You can find my work on various blogs and related websites.I firmly believe that the new media are now a great value to a range of organizations - from business to education and entertainment.

The role of the modern forms of communication increases with the growth of the Internet, and therefore the many issues of web/IT projects are close to me. All this requires expansion of competencies in project management in agile methodologies (e.g. scrum, lean media and software development), which I use in the practice of my project teams.

I'm official Ambassador of EPALE (European Commission oficial platform) in my country - it confirms the highest substantive quality of my work.

I'm also a member of The Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly ASTD) - The World's Largest Talent Development Association

My competences

I formally cooperate both: as an independent expert and a company (NGO) - my PIC no. is: 912578814.

I have a team of highly qualified colleagues who develop my competence. We are fully scalable - no size of the project is a problem.

I mainly participated in Erasmus+ Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (KA2) and Leonardo da Vinic Life-Long Learning (2007-2013) Programmes. I know the structure, methodology and method of work in these projects very well.

Knowledge of the principles of project management, flexibility and readiness for frequent trips allows me to implement projects at the highest level. I am a reliable partner because I know how Lifelong Learning projects work

Don't belive? My last project was ranked by European Commission's Erasmus+ evaluator as a Good Practice Example and indicated as an inspiration for others.

Full list of projects


EDUMAN Piotr Maczuga
PIC: 912578814
VAT number: 6492042153
Registration number: 211406060
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland

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